Innovation In Sex Education

The award winning MFM-Project is a pioneering fertility awareness programme to accompany girls, boys and their parents through puberty. Whilst being sensitive to the topic, using age appropriate props and language, our interactive workshops use a range of activities, colourful materials and music to make learning memorable and fun.

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  • "The workshop was excellent. I think you did a great job of making the girls feel special and unique". - Jane, mother of an 11 year old girl

  • "That should have been covered in my school days. Beautifully and clearly explained and not at all awkward." - Sarah, mother of 10 year old girl

  • "I won’t be afraid when my period comes" - Amy, aged 10

  • "They don’t just tell you the information, they do it as a game" - Jake, aged 11

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UK Project Coordinator

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