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Parents are the first educator of their child when it comes to sex education, before Biology lessons and modern media. MFM Project, runs a parent information session to enable parents to experience the images and languages used in our workshops. This knowledge encourages a more natural, confident communication about puberty within the family.  From experience we know it is invaluable if parents share in our new and positive approach to the changes that are going to or are already occurring within their child’s body.

Feedback from parents

“This should have been covered in my school days! Beautifully and clearly explained and not at all awkward!”

“Very good, lively and vivid presentation. I am pleased (as a psychologist) for young people to get such a beautiful and caring introduction.”

“Very informative! Very perceptive! Overall a wonderful event. The issue of sexuality is something “normal” – I wish as a kid I had attended such an event!”

Session requirements for parent’s session

Target audience: Parents or carers of children at or before puberty.

Duration: 90 – 120 mins, please check with your trainer.

Venue: To keep costs to a minimum, it is preferable if a room with seating for 20-30 adults can be supplied by the community or school. Alternatively, for an additional fee your trainer may be able to offer a suitable venue.

Equipment required: A table and suitable screen/wall for a laptop and projector to be set up.  Please indicate what equipment the room that you have access to has available when you speak to a MFM representative.

Fees:  We ask that you check this information with the trainer when you enquire.

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