For Boys

Agents on a Mission – a positive start to life as a man

A workshop for boys aged 10-11 years

The way boys feel about their own body has a big impact on their self esteem and their attitude to life. Therefore it is important that boys are prepared positively for the physical changes during and this is the main objective of the Agents on a Mission Workshop.

A responsible approach to health, sexuality and fertility is possible if young men value themselves and appreciate their own body and that of the opposite sex. Therefore it is important for them to know:

This knowledge encourages him to take care of his body and fertility. By the playful nature of the presentation fears and uncertainties are reduced.

Ideal complement to biology class

Sex education in school is usually confined to the biological facts taught in a few lessons. The MFM Project is an ideal addition, since the vitally important emotional level is included. In the workshop: “Agents on a Mission” the boys are taught how their bodies work in a vivid way.

Language and images used

The MFM Project encourages the boys to engage with their feelings by its characteristic, clear and respectful language. The biological terms are always used simultaneously in a positive way by using comparisons that the boys can relate to and so – in accordance with the theories of holistic learning – their hearts, minds and all their senses are included.

What happens during the workshop?

Using “living learning” the boys actively participate in the age and gender appropriate workshop. Led by male speakers they learn in a vivid, exciting and experiential way about the events surrounding the fertility of men and women. In a role-play game they hatch as special agents in the role of the sperm who must travel through the male and female body. Their first experience is as immature sperm in the testes where they visit the special training camp (epididymis,) get the equipment for their secret mission, go on to other stations such as the snack bar (seminal vesicles) and the white water (prostate.) Finally as mature sperm they arrive in the land of life (a women’s body), where a winner sperm, at the end of the mission, fertilizes an egg and new life arises. At this point they also learn why girls have periods and a recurring cycle.

In “Happy Man”, the boys are introduced to the physical changes of puberty. The subject of relationships is introduced and discussed.

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